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18 Things You Should Know About Genetics

18 Things You Should Know About Genetics is video infographic that presents fundamental background information about genetics, as well as offering some quirky but interesting facts about DNA, genes and genetics.

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Waste to Energy: A Basic Introduction

Today’s video infographic is a basic introduction to waste management and biogas production. Everyone produces organic waste, and this infographic explores what happens to it and how it’s used.

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Although this video infographic is an ad for an iOS app, we felt it was impressive enough to use as today’s post. The app is Zinio, and it’s used as a magazine reader with access to thousands of magazines.

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Our Mobile Generation

Mobile phones cover a large part of our lifestyle. Enviu believes that they can not only play an important role in interpersonal use but also be applied in a socially beneficial way. This is why at the beginning of 2010 Enviu challenged community students, creatives, young professionals and volunteers to co-create solutions for a more […]

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The Irish Consumer’s Digital Behaviour Has Changed For Good

This video infographic is a summary study of online consumer behavioural change in Ireland during 2010 and 2011. It was originally presented by Jonathan Forrest at the SBP Digital Media & Marketing Conference in March 2011.

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Coca Cola

Watch this infographic to learn some fun facts about the world’s largest brand!

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What is Creativity?

This video infographic explores what creativity is and how it’s used in the world. Think creative! Be creative!

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Rock The Ivory Tower

This video infographic explores the rising costs of college, and more specifically the relations between money, number of students, professors, and research at the University of Texas.

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Intelligent Design

Intelligent design comes from a combination of good design, usability, and functionality. Today’s video explores what kinds of things are designed intelligently and how it came to be.

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Pirates vs. Ninjas

Pirates or Ninjas? Today’s infographic explores which movies are being (illegally) downloaded more often.

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