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Project Real Need: Malaria

This video infographic, while not having a voice-over, has a catchy beat and does a good visual on the dangers of malaria, especially among children.

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60 Seconds on the Internet

InfographicGuy delivers a fine video rendition of this infographic.

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The Cost of the War on Drugs

June 17, 2011 marks the 40th Anniversary of Nixon’s War on Drugs. Ever wonder what it costs and if it’s worth it? gives us a video infographic view on the matters at hand.

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Animated Infographic: Who’s Killing Africa’s Rhinos? brings us a look into who is killing Africa’s Rhinos. Poaching syndicates continue to decimate rhino populations at a rate of almost an animal per day, making this a serious concern for wildlife conservationists. Africa’s rhinos could become extinct in the next few decades if the current death rates continue.

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GOOD: Kissing

Kissing. About 90 percent of the world’s cultures do it. But how does kissing affect our brains? GOOD brings us an impressive infographic video on the science and culture of locking lips.

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