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Where are People Moving? [Infographic]

This new infographic from U-Pack explores the moving rates and likelihood in the United States. Find out where people from your state tend to move, which states have the largest population, and how the population center has changed over the past 220 years. [Click here for full size image] Source: U-Pack Movers

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The Tale of the New Year’s Fail [Infographic]

Now that it’s officially 2012, take a look at this new infographic by Nexercise.  You will notice statistics of people who have failed at weight loss goals, as well as positive statistics regarding those who have succeeded and how they did it. [Click here for full size image]

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Evolution of Flash Memory [Infographic]

The economy is in distress and Consumerville needs a hero. This new infographic tells the tale of flash memory as if it were straight from a comic book. The graphics are wonderful and the statistics go perfectly with the story line. [Click here for full size image]

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The State of Customer Service [Infographic]

Even in today’s economy customers still expect the best and can make or break your reputation depending on their customer experience. The following infographic takes a look at just what you can expect from a disgruntled customer as opposed to a happy one. [Click here for full size image]

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Epic Retail Fails 2011 [Infographic]

This year we learned that even the highest and mightiest of the retail moguls can really lose it. We had the sad but hilarious pleasure of learning Victoria’s wasteful secret, we found out just how bad Netflix wants our money, and we lost one of America’s favorite bookstores. This new infographic from Retail Customer Experience explores all of […]

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Are You Losing Patients? [Infographic]

A hospital’s billing process can have quite an impact on a patient’s experience.  This new infographic shows that a bad billing process could mean you’re losing patients, while a good one results in patient recommendations. [Click here for full size image]

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Fantastic Plastic [Infographic]

The land of beautiful people is not always so glamorous. This new infographic explores the plastic surgery disasters and the surgeries that actually made a positive difference. [Click here for full size image]

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Concrete Mafia [Infographic]

Concrete is one of the world’s best building materials, but it also has a dark side.  This infographic by Concrete Reflections explores the use of concrete in the mafia. [Click here for full size image]

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Black Friday and Cyber Monday: Hacks and Scams [Infographic]

The holiday season signals the time of year when consumers are often at the highest risk of falling victim to hackers and scammers whose schemes can fool even the most experienced online shoppers. This infographic advises web merchants and consumers on how to avoid Black Friday and Cyber Monday attacks.

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Spanish Tortilla

Today’s video infographic pays homage to the Spanish Tortilla better known as Tortilla de Patatas or Tortilla Española. Made for as a visual reference from the cooking and design perspective.

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