Reinventing the Toilet

Four out of 10 people worldwide don’t have a safe way to poop. An admirable goal of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is to change all that. Flush-less toilets perhaps? Let’s see what they come up with.

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Water Changes Everything

Many of us take seemingly simple things in life for granted. If you didn’t have clean water, you wouldn’t be complaining about the price of Netflix. charity: water has created a good piece on the dangers of nearly a billion people in the world living without clean drinking water, along with ideas on how to […]

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Why Comic Con fanboy favorites become box office bombs

What’s Trending and Column Five deliver a good infographic on Comic Con and how the box office hype doesn’t always come to fruition. The question is: Will studios keep coming to the geek fueled festival even if it doesn’t mean big bucks? Only time will tell.

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New Reddit Video Infographic Community

Love Reddit? Love video infographics too? Well, we’ve got the thing for you. There is a new subreddit /r/VideoInfographics dedicated for lovers and creators of video infographics and motion graphics – we’re looking for a few good Redditors to help join and grow the community. Interested? Inquire within.

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iPhone Fireflies of GPS Data

While seeming to be a bit too long and could benefit from a hot track playing in the background, still a very cool visualization of some 880 iPhones and their GPS data in April 2011.

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Eco-Cars Video Infographic

Here’s an informative eco-cars video infographic focused on the UK, Complete with cool British accent 🙂

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Facebook 100 Video Infographic

Interesting effort from L2ThinkTank highlighting a 100 page report on prestige brands and how they rank in a multi-dimensional Facebook IQ class. What’s your Facebook brand IQ?

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The Irish Consumer’s Digital Behaviour Has Changed For Good

Title says it all. Some good visuals (even some Angry Birds) on the Irish digital economy.

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Rock The Ivory Tower Video Infographic

A critical look into the inefficiencies of the US higher education system, this video infographic challenges the number of student hours taught by professors, the number of jobs in which one actually needs a degree, the high level of student debt upon graduation, and other such hard to face areas of reality.

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Digital Life: Today & Tomorrow

This is an extended motion graphic showing the possibilities of what lies in store for the future digital world. 15 key facts and conclusions to know the future of the Internet in 2015.

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