Analyzing Facebook Apps of Leading Brands [Infographic]

Do you play Facebook games or use Facebook apps? You may have seen the use of social opt-ins without even realizing it. Social opt-ins, the request for permission to access an individual’s personal information in exchange for use of the app, are great ways for brands to continue marketing to consumers. Brands most often are trying to obtain emails, but they also look for birthdays and acquiring page likes. Check out this infographic from Neolane to learn more about the way social opt-ins work and how brands use them to their advantage.

Social Marketing: Facebook App Analysis
Via: Neolane

TMI: Socializing on the Crapper [Infographic]

It’s no secret that a lot of people that use smart phones and social media do so while on the crapper. Did you know, because of this, there is more contamination on a cell phone than the bottom of a shoe, toilet or door knob? You may want to think twice before sending out that tweet the next time you’re using the bathroom. Check out this infographic from to find out more.

Emergency Plumber warns against social media in the Bathroom

Social Statistics

A quick video to support the Daymon Worldwide CMO’s presentation at the 2012 Daymon Worldwide Leadership Summit in Dallas, TX. The video features the animation of social media and technology statistics relevant to the presentation it preceded.