Healthcare Jobs are Booming

As the 71 million Baby Boomers in our country begin and continue to retire, the job industry is going to be influenced heavily. The healthcare job industry in particular, is one that will leave many jobs up for grabs that need to be filled by the year 2020. The 24.3 percent of hospital jobs that were once occupied by Baby Boomers are suddenly becoming available due to the aging of the Baby Boomer generation. This enormous generation of people will start to need assistance and care which will also create more jobs for the following generation that came after the Baby Boom. This info-graphic below presented by breaks down which jobs will need to be filled and gives you a look at the Baby Boomer generations retirement aftermath on the healthcare job industry.

Economic Freedom & Quality of Life

Economic Freedom and the Quality of Life is a short, informative video centered on the ideas of economic freedom and the societal benefits it produces. The video helps explain what economic freedom is and why it’s key to improving society.