Winning in Pharmaceutical Emerging Markets [Infographic]

The cost of developing a new drug can be as much as $11 billion. With these high costs, the mature pharma markets are stagnating. There is, however, an opportunity with emerging markets. Over the next five years, emerging markets will make up two-thirds of sales growth in the pharmaceutical industry. With this enormous opportunity to […]

Alternative Medicine: Healing of the Past and Future [Infographic]

Nearly 40 percent of all Americans take some sort of alternative or complementary medicine, and it can be in many forms. Yoga, acupuncture, and some hypnosis can fall in this category. To learn about alternative medicine and how it first came to be, check out this infographic presented by Presented by

What Can You Learn From the Knee Injury of Robert Griffin III? [Infographic]

Injuries are anything but scarce in the world of professional sports.  Recently, NFL quarterback Robert Griffin underwent extensive surgery to repair his ACL and LCL on his right knee.  This infographic provided by Insurance Quotes shows just how damaging this kind of injury can be and who is most at risk. From: Bankrate Insurance’s