Analyzing Facebook Apps of Leading Brands [Infographic]

Do you play Facebook games or use Facebook apps? You may have seen the use of social opt-ins without even realizing it. Social opt-ins, the request for permission to access an individual’s personal information in exchange for use of the app, are great ways for brands to continue marketing to consumers. Brands most often are […]

The State of Infographics [Infographic]

From animals to transportation, infographics can present information on just about any subject.  With the right topic, they have the potential to reach up to fifteen million people.  See the recent topic trends, most viewed infographics, and more from this infographic presented by TopMarketingSchools below. Image source:

Customer Service in Social Media [Infographic]

Social media has quickly become the quickest and most efficient way for companies to address customer service issues. Not only that, but it also publicly shows how good (or bad) they are when it comes to customer service. Check out the infographic below presented by Click Software to learn more about how customer service has […]