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The Financial Cost of Drug Addiction

Video By Clarity Way

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Fast Food

This video infographic, courtesy of The Infographics Show, portrays the history of fast food in America. Gosh, we sure eat a lot of potatoes 🙂

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Are Internships Overrated?

A quick look at the benefits (or lack thereof, you decide) of internships.

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Eco-cars video infographic

A short video infographic around hybrid and eco-trim cars. In it, Ford highlight the environmental impact the car industry has had in the past and how these standards are improving.

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TV to come. TV to go.

The new Interone Study provides fascinating insights and relevant deductions for content providers and advertisers on the subject of moving images. Music companies and publishing houses have been shaken up by digitalisation for some time now. Television is the only medium to have remained unaffected by it – at least up till now.

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Williams F1

This video infographic explores the process Williams F1 goes through when building a Williams F1 car.

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Tek Systems Recruiting

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How The Bankruptcy Claims Market Works

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The History of Underwear

This video infographic visually communicates the history of underwear using fun facts, statistics, and timelines.

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University of Alberta ‘Pride’

The University of Alberta welcomes students with an introspective video about their history and future.

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