The 21st century boasts many incredible medical advancements and technological achievements.  Especially for those living in America, there are crazy awesome benefits that should not be overlooked.  Medicine, for instance, is made readily available.  Just a hundred years ago, antibiotics and penicillin were by no means common. In fact, penicillin wasn’t even discovered until the 1920s.  Because of this, 90 percent of children with bacterial meningitis died, while the survivors suffered from mental retardation to deafness and other severing disabilities.

This problem is hardly common in 21st century America, and for that we are grateful.  If you’d like to learn more about the perils of the 1900s and how health in the 21st century has substantially changed, check out this infographic from

Welcome to 21st Century Health: Four Reasons Americans Can Be Grateful for Their Health

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