Zombie Businesses – 4 Companies That Came Back to Life After Almost Dying

Are you a fan of iPhones? How about Legos? Do you like a good Ford? What about Old Spice and their new awesome commercials? You may not realize this, but each one of those companies has, at one time, been brought back to life from the dead.

Old Spice has had some very loyal customers, but after 73 years of brand loyalty, their consumer base was literally dying off.  Yet, with one ad campaign, Old Spice rejuvenated their appearance and saved their company.  Old Spice youtube videos when from 6 million to over 40 million views in ONE week with the release of their new campaign.  Talk about viral!

Most of us  have heard about the great Apple revival, but these numbers may surprise you.  In 1996 Apple was in the red for 816 million dollars. Last year, they grossed 25,922 BILLION dollars.

This infographic, brought to you by Best Accounting Schools, gives a closer look at how 4 companies came back from the dead.  They are now the leaders of their industries and it doesn’t look like they’re dying off any time soon.

Zombie Businesses: 4 Companies That Came Back to Life After Almost Dying